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Abode of the Lion is an Astral Warrior  House of the Hyperborean Mystery Tradition & Moser Hunting Lodge Lineage.  It is for Spiritual Warriors who wish to use their gifts and abilities in a dynamic and powerfully spiritual way - or to awaken such gifts.  Complete Spiritual Warriorship instruction is available if required.

Notice: Abode of the Lion is a spiritual organization dealing with spiritual issues.  We have no political ties or social agenda.  We are not interested in hearing from social activists or social-agenda driven individuals. 


Notice: For those who need our help with situations involving spiritual and magical abuse, Abode of the Lion is here for your assistance.


Spiritual Warriors


An Astral or Spiritual Warrior is an individual trained and adept in the Spiritual Warriorship arts of both the physical and etheric realms.  There is a significant spiritual focus involving self-knowing and questing for wisdom.  Spiritual Warriors are often called upon to confront negative energies, but more often then not, truly impeccable Spiritual Warriors first battle the negativity within themselves.  However, a true Spiritual Warrior is fully adept at astral combat and can engage in such if it is truly required. 


Above all, Warriorship is a Spiritual Path of Wisdom, Self-Knowledge, Self-Discipline, and mastery of such Arts as VRIL-Power & the Luminous Body - and, on those necessary occasions, astral combat.  Both men and women are Spiritual Warriors.



Warrior Houses & Hunting Lodges

A Warrior House or Hunting Lodge is a formal group of Spiritual Warriors working together.  There are very few such warrior groups, and they often keep a very low profile. 


A Warrior House or Lodge provides training for new Spiritual & Astral Warriors, and a place of haven and fellowship for those already adept in the arts.  Warriorship campaigns typically target certain unbalanced etheric situations with an eye towards balancing them.  However, when spiritual or astral combat is truly required, a real Warrior House is a force to be reckoned with.



Spiritual Warriorship in Action


Abode of the Lion is a Warrior House dedicated to the Path of real Warriorship in contemporary society.  Our Warriorship takes place in the spiritual realms and astral counterparts of this world, and uses spiritual weapons and astral counterparts of physical weapons.


We use our abilities to go into deep trance and enter the mirror worlds.  We are often called to make balance in unbalanced astral situations.  Where necessary we engage in astral combat with negative forces.

Our spiritual warrior campaigns have dealt successfully with astral vampirism, black magicians, negative entity intrusions, magical attacks, undead parasites, and occult abuse.   (If you need assistance in these areas, click here.)

We have designed a number of tools and techniques specifically for our style of work.  There are only a handful of Warrior Lodges such as ours in existence. 


Our Warriorship is not physical, but the discipline of the higher and more effective method of Spiritual Warriorship.  This includes the arts of Astral Combat, Spiritual Discipline, Weapons-use Saredwa, and mastery of the Luminous Body.


Collectively we work in the spiritual counterpart to this world in defense and protection of the Spiritual Heart and Soul of humanity.  We are also very much engaged in combating the negative spiritual foes of humankind in general when and where they make themselves known.



Martial Arts


Often Spiritual Warriors are involved in the martial arts as a complimentary form of personal disciple and focus.  Abode of the Lion Warrior House considers any regularly practiced discipline such as archery, fencing, wrestling, body building, boxing, jogging, aerobics; traditional Eastern forms such as Judo or Karate etc - and even such "soft" disciplines as Tae Chi and Yoga - as a fine physical compliment to Spiritual Warriorship, and encourages it. 


Warrior Territories


The many facets of our Spiritual Warrior Work also entails establishing Warrior Territories and astrally combating any negative entities within them; especially those of the type that attach themselves to the weak and the unsuspecting and feed off their life-energy.  There is much work to be done in this area by those who’s Warrior Spirit has been called to duty.



Location & Members


The Abode of the Lion lodge is situated in Boston Massachusetts, but because we are astral travelers our members are from across the country.  We have an instructional course in our style of work.  There is an apprenticeship program for local members. 



Currently Accepting Applicants


If you have a Warrior Spirit and feel called to duty as a real Spiritual Warrior in an active Warrior House, Abode of the Lion Warriorship Lodge is currently accepting applicants and would like to hear from you.  You may contact us at: ardane@alaskan.com.  


Abode of the Lion welcomes all honorable inquires.   We accept dedicated and sincere individuals who are looking to excel at the Spiritual Warrior Arts.  We do require that members are over 18 years old.  If you have any questions, please ask them.





Do You Need Our Help?


If you are in a real situation involving magickal attack, spiritual or occult abuse, psychic or astral vampirism, entity intrusions, or other occult or psychic related problems - we may possibly be of help to you.  Abode of the Lion Spiritual Warrior Lodge has successfully been called in to handle a number of such situations. 


We will respond to all sincere inquires.  Write: ardane@alaskan.com



Hyperborean Tradition Warriorship




Impeccability, Self-Mastery, Responsibility,

Focus, Spirit & Mystery.



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